Tools & Services

Cryptodrilling Tools & Services

Tools and services to help you analyze mining investment decisions, discover the best deals, and facilitate buying and selling your hardware.


ASIC Catalog

ASIC specs and profitability metrics all in one place for easy viewing and making purchase decisions. All numbers are personalized and updated real-time.

  • Verified Specifications
  • Easy to see profitability metrics
  • Real-time Data
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Machine Comparison
ASIC Marketplace

Buy and sell ASIC with trusted buyers, sellers and logistics partners. Discover best deals in the market.

  • Fast stock update
  • Verified Deals & Partners
  • Experienced Logistics Service
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In-app Deal, Order management
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ASIC Sourcing

Corporate service for large volume purchase and secondhand hardware sales.

  • Pay in your local currency or crypto
  • One-stop service for importation and logistics
  • Legal Import & Custom Tax Handling
  • Corporate Invoice & Documents
China, Thailand
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AU, RU, US, Middle East
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Buying and Selling Used Machines

Contact us with your machine details and we will match your machines with buyers or sellers in our database.

  • Match with corporate buyers and sellers
  • Escrow service by Cryptodrilling
  • Provide quality check before delivery
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Mining Pool

Get our low pool rate via our referral. Mine with less pool fee.

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ASIC Hosting

Contact us with your ASIC details or facility capacity. We match ASIC owners with facility operators across the globe.

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Corporate Hashrate Plan

Purchase directly from our partners' mining facility with hashrate verified via 3rd party verifier.