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All the metrics miners need to make an informed and accurate ASIC purchase. Never buy ASIC again without using Cryptodrilling app.

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Your go-to place for ASIC details and specifications. Verified by Cryptodrilling. No more double-checking with multiple suppliers.

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Profit Per Day, Breakeven Days, Breakeven Price, Elec. Cost Ratio. All important metrics that you need to make your purchase decision, all in one place.

Personalized Numbers

Think of us as your personal assistant, enter your electricity cost, we’ll save it, and all metrics will automatically adjust based on your number.

All in one place

Your go-to place for all things ASIC

Our SHA-256 ASIC catalog lists out all of the machines specs and profitablity metrics in one place for easy viewing. All numbers are personalized and updated real-time.

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Currently only SHA-256 machines are available. Other algorithms are coming soon!

Catalogue mockup
Catalogue mockup

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